Sweet Dalia / Lapshi / लापशी

Sweet Dalia or lapshi is generally a healthy and nutritious sweet dish.Its generally prepared on auspicious occasions.Very easy to cook in less period of time. INGREDIENTS : 1 cup Dalia/broken wheat/lapshi rawa. 1/2 – 3/4 cup jaggery (gul) as per sweetness required 1/2 cup desi ghee / cooking oil 250 gms milk Cardamon powder (elaichiContinue reading “Sweet Dalia / Lapshi / लापशी”

Stuffed Brinjal / भरलेले वांगे

Stuffed brinjal is generally a dish where masala is stuffed in the brinjals (egg plant) and then cooked.If you are not a lover of brinjals this is a dish which you can try for. INGREDIENTS : 3-4 Brinjals (egg plant) 2 small fried onions 1/4 cup fried sliced coconut 1/2 inch ginger 6-7 garlic clovesContinue reading “Stuffed Brinjal / भरलेले वांगे”

Alu Wadi (आळुची वडी)

Alu wadi is one of the most popular maharashtrian and gujrati dish.Generally prepared from alu leaves /taro root leaves /colocasis leaves. Like Alu Vadi, Kothimbir Vadi is also one of the classic dish prepared in maharashtra. ALUCHI VADI | ALUCHYA VADYA course : snacks,full meal platecuisine : maharashtrian,gujratiprep : 10 minutescook : 30 minutestotal :Continue reading “Alu Wadi (आळुची वडी)”

Coconut Kheer(ओल्या नारळाची खीर)

Coconut kheer is a healthy and delicious sweet dish.Eaten with puri or chapati . INGREDIENTS : Coconut – 1 cup Rice – 1/4 cup Sugar as per taste Milk – 1 litre Ghee – 2 tbspoon Cardamon powder for flavouring. Kaju, badam and piste for decoration. METHOD : Wash the rice with water and letContinue reading “Coconut Kheer(ओल्या नारळाची खीर)”