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Methi Thepla Or Methiche Dhapate is a type of Indian bread that is prepared by mixing freshly chopped fenugreek leaves with 3-4 types of flours like wheat flour,bajra flour,besan….or any of your choice.This are then spiced with jeera,ajjwain,chilli powder and turmeric. It is very good and nutritious form of breakfast as well as one can carry it on journey.You can […]

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KHADA MASALA POWDER | खडा मसाला पावडर

Khada masala is nothing but the combination of few indian spices like black pepper,cloves,cinnamon sticks,bay leaves,star anaise,shahi jeere and cardamom.All these spices are grounded to powder in mixer grinder.Here for khada masala we don’t roast the spices…They are to be taken in their raw form only for the strong flavours. These spices have a very fresh aroma and also gives […]