The traditional method of Idli batter consists of rice and urad dal in 3:1 proportion.Idli batter can be made by soaking whole rice or by making the rava from the rice.This Idli Rava is easily available in our nearby super market.We shall see how the Idli Rava is prepared.


  1. For preparing idli rava I have used the Sona Masuri variety of rice.
  2. You can use any rice variety which is favourable to make the Idli’s.
  3. The idli rava can be made in two different ways:

First Method :

  • Wash the rice with water and remove the excess water.
  • Then dry the rice in sunlight for a day or more.
  • After the rice has dried nicely,next step is to grind the rice.
  • Grind the rice a little coarsely and grainy in texture.
  • Your Idli Rice is ready.

Second Method :

  • This is the quickest way I adopt for making the Idli Rava.
  • I directly grind the raw rice in the grinder into a fine coarse rava.
  • The Idli’s made by this rava also comes out nice.


  • You can store the idli rava in an airtight container.
  • Also you can refrigerate the idli rava in your refrigerator.

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