Rava or Semolina or Suji Uttapam is one of the popular South Indian Recipe.Rava/Suji Uttapam is variation of traditional uttapam.The batter is a mixture of rava/suji,curd/dahi and water.Unlike Dosa which is thin and crisp in nature,Uttapam is a thick pancake with traditionally made toppings of vegetables like onion,tomatoes,chillies and coriander leaves.It is generally served with... Continue Reading →



We all sometimes have the roti’s left behind in our kitchens.So we always either try to do roti churma with them.But here I am doing something different with it.I am preparing a Left-over Roti Nachos Chaat.Leftover roti’s are dry hence when we fry them they become more crispy.Whenever we have these leftover roti’s in our... Continue Reading →

Tamrind Chutney|Sweet Tamrind-Jaggery Chutney |Imli Ki Chutney | चिंचेची चटणी

Tamrind Chutney is a sweet and sour dish which is generally served with most of the snack dishes in most of the parts of the country.There are different ways of making tamrind chutney’s.It can be made with dates,jaggery or sometimes with sugar.Here we are blending the tamrind with jaggery.Its a quick blend because not always... Continue Reading →


Kothimbir Vadi is one of the classic maharashtrian fritter dish which has kothimbir i.e.coriander leaves as main ingredient that can be served as a snacks or a side dish during a meal.Kothimbir is the Marathi name for green coriander leaves.It is a combination of green coriander leaves,gram flour,rice and bajra flour with some Indian spices.It... Continue Reading →


Coconut Cookies are small,flat,sweet,baked,crispy biscuits.Its main ingredients are flour,powdered sugar and butter or oil or ghee/fat and grated or desiccated coconuts.Its a very simple process of making the cookies only thing to be kept in mind is that the proportion of the ingredients taken should be accurate.Also the baking time should be maintained properly.As if... Continue Reading →


Bhindi or Okra or Lady-finger is a green vegetable that is rich in nutrients.it is said having okra in your diet increases the immune system also lower’s the cholesterol and manages your diabetes. My children loves eating bhindi ki bhaji,and is often prepared in our kitchen.But many of our houses prepared it in a dry... Continue Reading →


Green Moong dal Dhirde or Green Moong dal Chila also known as green moong dal/green gram dosa or pan cakes which are prepared similarly like our regular dosa. This recipe contains green moong dal/green gram as its main ingredients.It is especially a snacks and breakfast dish widely popular in Andhra Pradesh as Pesarattu and in... Continue Reading →

TIL LADOO | TIL GUL LADOO |SESAME LADOO|तीळगुळ लाडु| तीळ लाडु

Sesame seeds Ladoo or also called as Til Gul Ladoo is a sweet dish which is prepared by the mixture of sesame seed/til and jaggery/gul as main ingredients.This is one of the healthiest dish which not only provides nutrients but also keeps our body warmer in winters.You can prepare it on any occasion,but its specially... Continue Reading →

TIL PAPDI |TIL GUL PAPDI|SESAME PAPDI| तीळ पापडी|तिळगुळ पापडी

Til Papdi/Sesame seeds Vadi is an authentic maharashtrian dish which is prepared on auspicious festive season of Makarsankranti. It can be done in various forms like with sugar,with jaggery/gul.Here in this recipe we are preparing it with the help of jaggery/gul. Eating til/sesame seeds during winters have healthy benefits because it provides warmth and energy... Continue Reading →

FULL MEAL PLAN FOR BHOGI |भोगीचे पूर्ण जेवण

The special meal menu for Bhogi in Maharshtra are Bajra Bhakri,Bhogichi Bhaji,Moong Dal Khichdi and Kadhi. Bhogi is a day which comes a day before Makarsankranti.On this day to every food that is prepared,sesame seeds/til are added. Sesame seeds / til are hot in nature,and it is found that consuming them in various forms in... Continue Reading →

BHOGICHI BHAJI |भोगीची भाजी

Bhogichi Bhaji is an authentic Maharashtrian dish.It is prepared on the auspicious day of Bhogi which comes a day before Makarsankranti.On this day to every food that is prepared,sesame seeds/til are added.On the day of Bhogi,Bajra Bhakri,Moong Dal Khichdi and Kadhi is prepared.Sesame seeds / til are hot in nature,and in it is found that... Continue Reading →


Kadhi is a dish basically from Maharashtra,Gujrat,Punjab and Rajasthan.It is basically a thick gravy with base as besan/chickpea flour/gram flour. Kadhi is the combination of curd/butter milk to which besan/chickpea is added and is spiced with chillies,curry leaves,coriander and garlic.Its preparation varies from one region to another.Here we are preparing the Maharashtrian Style Kadhi. Kadhi... Continue Reading →


Moong Dal Khichdi is a dish of Rice and Lentils (dal) i.e. moong-dal or split green gram.Recently Khichdi has been declared as national dish of India. Moong dal and rice combination in khichdi is rich in proteins and carbohydrates.Also Moong dal is light,easy to digest and also cooks fast.So it is one of the easiest... Continue Reading →

Medu Wada / मेदु वडा

Medu vada is generally a south indian dish. Its made of white urad dal and moong dal, where the dals are soaked overnight and next day are grounded to fine paste.This paste of dal is flavoured with spices like green chillies,ginger and shredded coconut pieces.this vada’s are fried in oil and is served with Sambhar... Continue Reading →

Sambhar | सांभर

A south indian form of cuisine.Its a mix of lentils and variety of vegetables.But in this recipe of sambhar I am not using the vegetables,just using onion.But still the taste is maintained.As we all know it’s served with most of the South Indian dishes like ; Idli Medu Vada Masala dosa Potato wada (बटाटावडा) Uttappa... Continue Reading →

Thalipeeth Bhajni / थालिपीठाची भाजणी.

Thalipeeth bhajni is generally a mix of different types of grains and pulses grinded to powder.It not only have nutritious benefits but also is healthy food option for breakfast,tiffin boxes....By mixing different varieties of vegetables to the bhajni flour we can prepare variety of thalipeeths.For those who hate vegetables like bottle gourd,methi(fenugreek),cabbage etc.it's a good... Continue Reading →

Bottle Gourd Thalipeeth |Lauki Ka Thepla | भोपळ्याचे थालीपीठ

Bottle gourd ( भोपळा ) thalipeeth is generally a mix of grated bottle gourd and thalipeeth bhajni .It's a healthy and nutritious option for breakfast and tiffin box.Children generally hate eating bottle gourds.So one can grate it and mix it with thalipeeth bhajni and they will surely love it. BOTTLE GOURD THALIPEETH | BHOPLYACHE THALIPEETH... Continue Reading →

NASHIKCHI MISAL |नाशिकची मिसळ

Nashik city in the state of Maharashtra is a famous destination for Misal Pav.It has been one of the most highly consumed breakfast dish in many Misal outlets which are spread in large numbers across the city.It can be served as a snacks,as a breakfast dish or as a full meal in main course lunch.... Continue Reading →

Cabbage Thalipeeth/Cabbage Thepla/कोबीचे थालीपीठ.

Cabbage thalipeeth or thepla is a pretty breakfast dish or one can carry it on travelling also.Generally children's make faces for eating cabbage ,so thalipeeth/thepla is a good option. CABBAGE-THALIPEETH course : breakfast,snacks cuisine : maharashtrian,gujrati prep time : 15 minutes cook time : 20 minutes total time : 30 minutes servings : 4-5 author... Continue Reading →

Rava Dhokla |White Rava Dhokla ( रवा ढोकळा )

Rava dhokla is a snack dish.Its generally a gujrati snack item.It can be prepared with variations.Here in this recipe I am using curd and some parts of citric acid to bring that sour and tangy taste.Here in this recipe,citric acid is optional because some people do not like too much of sourness in dhokla’s.If the... Continue Reading →

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